Harbor Belle
under Japanese Maple
She has dwarfed the competitor—
Harbor Belle™ is superior, prettier, hardier, tougher, and the overall better choice in every way.

John Clark
Manor View Farm, Inc.
Monkton, Maryland
A four year observer of Harbor Belle™ nandina in a Pennsylvania landscape.
Gary Howell Nursery, Semmes, Alabama
7 gallon Harbor Belle
Harbor Belle has it all.
Very versatile ground cover or individual dwarf plant. Grows well in full sun or shade, very winter hardy and drought resistant. Year round color, beautiful green and burgundy foliage in fall and winter with great red berries. Excellent foliage in spring and summer, with bronze to pink in color. No pruning, almost no maintenance required.

Harbor Belle is truly one of the finest plant introductions in years. How do I know? This plant has been in my personal landscape for several years.

Don E. McCorkle
McCorkle Nurseries. Inc.
Harbor Belle in
South Alabama landscape
Harbor Belle™ is a versitile Nandina used for either a specimen plant or groundcover and adapting to either sun or light shade. Pruning is not necessary, but size may be easily controlled.

Bob Head
President, Head-Lee Nursery, Inc.
Seneca, South Carolina
Greenleaf Nursery, Inc, El Campo, Texas
3 gallon Harbor Belle™
Harbor Belle™ is as attractive in the landscape as it is in the grower's container.  A landscape planting matures to completely fill the space you have planned without being intrusive.  This tough, yet refined nandina contributes new growth color and fall/winter foliage color to complete an exciting look with the low maintenance you want in your landscape.

Leon Macha
Vice President of Operations
Greenleaf Nursery, Inc.
El Campo, Texas
How do you spell “moneymaker”? We spell it Harbor Belle™ Whether you’re a grower or a landscape contractor, Harbor Belle™ can do the same for you. It has a low, spreading habit that requires no pruning to maintain its good looks. Decreased labor means increased profits.

David G. Hyatt, President
Randy D. Lindsey, Propagation Manager
Panoramic Farm, Inc.
Marshville, North Carolina